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Library Visit (Hachioji Library)

Application for Library Visit

Last updated on October 2, 2020
【Important notice for visitors】
To prevent infections, including those by the new coronavirus, the library will be closed for visitors until further notice.
If you have already made a reservation, we will contact you directly.
We appreciate your kind understanding.

《Related news》[学外の方へ重要なお知らせ / Important notice for visitors (updated:Oct.2,2020)]

Thank you very much for your interest in Hachioji Library of Tama Art University, beautifully designed by Japanese architect Toyo Ito, who serves as a Visiting Professor at TAU’s department of Environmental Design. In addition to the library’s main service for our students, we welcome external visitors on special conditions described on this page. If you wish to pay a visit to the library, we kindly ask you to read the following instruction carefully and apply for a visit by email well in advance.
*Please note that information on this page is subject to change without notice.

1. Floor map of the library

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2. Open dates/hours

Please check the library calendar in the right column to confirm that it is open to visitors on your preferred date for visiting. For your reference, there are three distinctions of days in the calendar:
  : ONLY Public Area (9:00-16:00)
  : Public Area + Study Area (9:00-16:00)
  : Closed
*The schedule is subject to change without prior notice due to natural disasters or any other unavoidable circumstances.

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3. Application (reservation)

*In order to avoid trouble with miscommunication through oral communication, please contact us via email at all times, not by phone. (cf. "6. Contact")

If you are visiting alone or 2 - 3 people:
No reservation is required, but please bring an ID card or passport with you. Also, please read the instructions in "4. Visiting day" and "5. Prohibited activities" carefully.

If your group consists of 4 people or more:
Please apply to Hachioji Library Office by email ( with the subject "Application for library visit" attaching the following application form (PDF) 14 days prior to your visit at the latest. The application is completed only when you receive a confirmation email from a library staff.

Before you download the PDF form, please read the instructions below.

  • In order to minimize interruption and inconvenience for students, visitors are asked to observe the rules as listed in "5. Prohibited activities" below. We kindly ask every member of your group to read them carefully.
  • To ensure that everyone is well informed of the library rules, the application form must be completed and submitted by the representative person. We do not accept applications from a third party, e.g. travel agency.
  • We do not accept visits from groups of more than 20 people.
  • If you come in a big group as part of a school trip etc., please include at least 1 teacher in a group of 10, or 2 teachers for 11-20, in order to adequately supervise the students.
  • There is no parking lot for visitors. However, if you wish to use a chartered bus, please ask us about parking availability in your application.

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4. Visiting day

(1) Please bring with you following items on the day of your visit.
- An ID card/document (e.g. passport)
- (And, if your group consists of 4 people or more) A photocopy of the email sent from a library staff in response to your application to visit the library
(2) To reach Hachioji campus, please use public transport. Buses run from Hashimoto station and Hachioji station. For more details, please check the university’s official website.
(3) When you arrive at the Hachioji campus, please talk to a guard at the university main gate and tell him/her that you have come to see the library.
(4) When you get to the library, please first go to the counter.
(5) You can stay in the library for a maximum of 1 hour.

  • TAU has two libraries in two different campuses at Hachioji and Kaminoge respectively. If you are visiting the library designed by Toyo Ito, please be sure to come to the right location, Hachioji campus.
  • FOR THOSE WHO MADE A RESERVATION: Late arrival can result in a shortened stay on the campus, or it may not be possible to enter the library at all. Please ensure that you arrive on time.

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5. Prohibited activities

(1) Taking pictures inside the library building (*It is permitted to take pictures only from outside the building, but even in that case please do not shoot the faces of students or other university officials.)
(2) Use of mobile phones
(3) Loud conversations
(4) Talking to the students
(5) Entrance of individuals under the age of 18 to the Study Area
(6) Measurement of the building and interiors
(7) Consumption of food and drink
(8) Use of library PCs and other equipment
(9) Carriage of items which could make the library dirty (such as wet umbrellas)
(10) Staying in the library for a long time (more than 1 hour)
(11) Any other activities that may interfere with regular service of the library and/or trouble its users and staff.

  • Those who violate the regulations may be asked to leave the library/campus.

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6. Contact

Hachioji Library Office, Tama Art University

Address: 2-1723 Yarimizu, Hachioji, Tokyo 192-0394 JAPAN

  • If you are a media official or journalist and wish to take pictures inside the library building, please send an email both to TAU’s Policy Planning and Public Relations Department ( and Hachioji Library Office ( to request special permission.

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